Interested in trying a new contact sport? UTS Gridiron Club competes in the Gridiron NSW league; Australia’s premier gridiron competition. We offer teams in Colts (15 – 19+ years), Division One (18+ years) and Women (16+ years). A flag gridiron (non-contact) competition is also run by the club.

Here are some Frequent Asked Questions, if you can not find what you are after, please reach out to us at the Contact Us page.

I am not a UTS student or a University student/graduate, can I still join?

Membership is not exclusive to UTS students or graduates, so if you or your mates are interested in being a part of the UTS Gridiron experience please contact us.

What teams are there?

  • Colts – Youth (Men) (14-19 years+)
  • Women (16 years+)
  • Division 1 –  Men (20 years+)

When do the seasons run?

The competition will commence in September and conclude with the Opal Bowl in December in conjunction with Division 1 Competition. Pre-season training commences in June, before the start of the season and throughout the regular season. Stay tune for  updates on our official pre-season training location and date.

Will UTS Gridiron be hosting a Flag Gridiron in 2017?

Unfortunately due to field availability, we will not be hosting a Flag Gridiron in 2017. However, if you’re interested in joining Gridiron Football (contact) please keep an eye regularly on our pages for pre-season dates.

Where will the games be played?

All games are played at venues across the greater Sydney region. Check out the Schedule page or our official UTS Gridiron Club facebook page for up to date schedules and results.

Do I require to wear equipment?

As per NCAA Football Rules Committee requirement, all players must wear the following mandatory equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Jersey
  • Mouth Guard (can not be clear/white)
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Football Girdles (preferable 7-pad girdle) (5-pad girdle will require separate knee pads)
  • Football Boots/Cleats

Helmet, Jersey and Football Pants have in the past been provided by UTS Gridiron Club as equipment rental. All other equipment would need to be purchased by the player themselves. If you are not sure what equipment you need, please contact us and we will gladly assist.

I am new to Gridiron football, will training be provided?

Yes! We hold weekly training sessions where we go through the (Offensive and Defensive) playbook and provide necessary guidance. Gridiron is a game where teamwork and effort matters. Don’t be afraid to ask, we have fellow team players who are there to help. Many players have joined us in the past with little to no experience and have since become key players in the team. If you believe you have what it takes, get in contact with us.