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2016 Coaching Staff – Expressions of Interest

The UTS Gridiron Club is placing a call for Expressions of Interest to be part of the 2016 coaching staffs for the Division 1, Women’s and Colts teams to participate in the Gridiron NSW season. We are seeking applications for positions of Head Coach, Co-ordinators, and Assistant Coaches for all teams.

Successful applicants will be required to participate in various aspects of the coaching roles that are relevant to their position including (but not limited to): preseason and in-season team trainings; coaches and team video review sessions; game-day preparation and sideline roles; playbook creation and review; player assessment and development; and participation in club formal and social functions. All Head Coaching positions report to the UTS Gridiron Executive Committee, and all other coaching positions answer to the relevant team Head Coach.

Those wishing to apply for any role will be required to submit two items:

  1. Coaching Resume, which should include the following items:
    1. Attained Gridiron-specific coaching accreditation
    2. Attained non-Gridiron-specific coaching accreditation
    3. Prior Gridiron specific coaching experience
    4. Prior Gridiron playing experience
    5. Other experience or training deemed relevant
    6. Short explanation of applicant’s coaching philosophy
  2. Letter of Expression of Interest detailing:
    1. Position(s) wishing to apply for by role and team (e.g. Head Coach – Women’s, Defensive Coordinator – Colts, Quarterback coach – Division 1, etc.) in order of preference. Multiple roles in a single team or across different UTS teams may be applied for.
    2. Statements or short explanation of the following requirements:
      1. Applicants are not to be serving any current suspension from UTS Gridiron activities;
      2. Applicant has an understanding of the modern concepts in the sport of gridiron that are relevant to the positions being sought;
      3. Strong communication skills in a team environment including being able to develop and maintain effective working relationships with players and fellow coaches;
      4. Any known obstacles to attaining a 90% attendance rate to all trainings, games and other relevant club or team events.

Applications should be emailed to both and by 5pm (EST) on Friday February 12, 2016.