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Game 6 – vs. Predators at 5 Sports

Ryan King vs Predators

After being idle for two weeks, the UTS Gators were chompin’ at the bit to get back on the field again. Unfortunately for the Northwestern Predators, they had to face a well-rested Gators team, out for revenge for last year’s upset defeat. The Gators came out hitting, quickly scoring 3 unanswered touchdowns in the 1st quarter and setting a tone of dominance for the rest of the game. The Gators punished the Predators physically on both sides of the ball and with the 36-6 victory, now stand alone at the top of the ladder as the only undefeated team in Gridiron NSW Division 1.

RB Freddie Khouiss

RB Freddie Khouiss churned out 125 yards

UTS began the game on offense after the opening kickoff sailed through the endzone for a touchback. The Gator offense looked very impressive, putting together a solid 13 play, 65 yard scoring drive, kick-started by a 23 yard pass completion from quarterback Brad Leech to wide receiver Ben Loudon. Power rushing by tailback Freddie Khouiss took UTS down to the Predator’s 6 yard line where alternate tailback, Marco Soriano took over and punched it in for the touchdown.  Soriano got the call again for the 2-point conversion attempt and used a crushing lead block by slotback Jim Close to get back into the endzone and put UTS ahead 8-0.

Following a quick 4 and out by the Predators, the Gators took the ball at midfield and put it back in the hands of Freddie Khouiss who took it down to the Predators 26 yard line in 3 plays. QB Brad Leech then went to air and found Ben Loudon again for 26 yards and a touchdown to increase the UTS lead to 14-0.

The Gator defense again shut down the Predators, pushing them back with tackles for loss by defensive ends Matt Power, Tim Clulow and rookie defensive tackle Ryan King and forcing a punt on 4th down.  A good punt gave the Gators poor field position on their own 11 yard line but that did not hamper the offense as it put together an 8 play, 79 yard scoring drive, highlighted by two long passes from Leech to wide receiver Nick Giovanangeli, one for 24 yards and another where, after the catch, Giovanangeli juked his way to the endzone for 33 yards and a touchdown.

On the ensuing kickoff, veteran offensive lineman and UTS Gridiron Club President, Matt Steel, came out of retirement to deliver a monster hit on the Predator’s returner at their 30 yard line. The Predators were able to march down the field and score with several long passes in their only effective drive of the day.

UTS answered on their next possession with their fourth consecutive scoring drive. After an 18 yard kickoff return by Justin Fatu-Leota, the Gator offense went 65 yards in 12 plays with most of the work done by RB Freddie Khouiss again, who picked up 41 of his game-high 125 yards. QB Brad Leech capped off the drive with a 5 yard touchdown pass to Justin Fatu-Leota and then bruiser-back, Hamish Holland punched in the 2-point conversion to stretch the UTS lead to 28-6.

LB Andrew Asher

LB Andrew Asher patrols the middle

The Gator defense got back to their stingy ways and completely shut down the Predators offense for the rest of the game, allowing only one more play of positive yards. Several bone-crushing hits by safety Jamie McGrory, knocking the Predators QB out of the game and linebacker, Andrew Asher, crushing a Northwestern WR just after making a catch across the middle and forcing a fumble that was recovered by McGrory who returned the ball 47 yards to the Predators 13 yard line, along with an interception by linebacker Gabriel Marambio prove the Gators defense is at the top of their game. Following a goal-line stand by the Predators in the 3rd quarter which stopped a Gator drive at the 4 yard line, the UTS defense pushed the Predators back into the endzone, where linebacker, Marcos Delana sacked the quarterback for a safety and 2 more points.

The Gator offense struggled in the second half with several drives stalling but they were able to capitalize on the great field position provided by Jamie McGrory’s 47 yard fumble return. After an offensive penalty threatened to stall the drive, wide receiver, Murray Conallin saved the drive with a tremendous sliding grab on 4th and 17, gaining a first down and putting the ball on the 1 yard line, where RB Freddie Khouiss took over and got the score on the next play, making the final score, UTS 36, Northwestern 6.

Next week sees the UTS Gators face the 5-1 Sutherland Seahawks, coming off of their first loss of the season and who have surprised the league this season with their prolific scoring.

Get on board and come cheer your UTS Gators on to victory this Saturday Night, 18th October, 7:00pm at Kyeemagh RSL.

Statistical Leaders (Game)

Player Comp/Att Yards TD INT
Brad Leech 20/39 253 3 (26, 33, 5)
Player Rushes Yards TD (yards) 2-point
Freddy Prince 23 125 1 (1)
Marco Soriano 9 35 1 (5) 1
Tommy Benson 6 22
Brad Leech 11 18
Ben Loudon 1 18
Hamish Holland 2 4 1
Player Receptions Yards TD (yards)
Matthew Schwarz 4 59
Nick Giovanangeli 2 57 1 (33)
Ben Loudon 3 54 1 (26)
Clayton Idato 4 30
Justin Fatu-Leota 3 29 1 (5)
Murray Conallin 1 19
Player Tackles (For Loss) Other
Jamie McGrory 6 (3) Fumble recovery returned 47 yards
Matt Power 4 (4)
Tim Clulow 3 (3)
Ryan King 3 (3)
Gabriel Marambio 3 (1) INT
Andrew Asher 3 (1) Forced Fumble
Moey Musawi 3 (1) 2 blocked passes
Marcos Delana 2 (1) Sack for safety
Hugh Delaney 2 (1)
Nick Kondilios 2
Matt Steel 1
Kick Return:
Player Returns Yards
Justin Fatu-Leota 2 30
Jamie Weeks 1 27

Game 5 – vs. Rebels at Kyeemagh

UTS vs Rebels

As the Gators headed into their week 5 contest against the 0-3 Northern Sydney Rebels, Head Coach Rocco Bosco was very clear in his message to the team, “We can not afford to take any opponent lightly.  These games are danger games.” Following a good week of preparation, the Gators were ready. The Rebels had taken a beating one week earlier in a 62-6 drubbing at the hands of the defending champion Sydney University Lions and despite having several key players out with injuries, they were determined to be giant killers and upset the league leading Gators. Try as they might, the Rebels were no match for the Gators defense, who shut out the Rebels and stole the ball with interceptions and fumble recoveries almost at will.  The Gator offense was much more consistent than in past weeks, racking up seven touchdowns. After going into halftime leading 38-0, the Gators put it on cruise control for the second half, taking the victory, 62-0 and keeping the Gators atop the ladder at 5-0.

UTS vs Rebels

Anders Tracey sacks the Rebels QB

Gabriel Marambio and Marco Soriano joined permanent captains, Andrew Asher and Tim Clulow for the coin toss, in recognition of their outstanding, unselfish play this season. With Northern Sydney’s depleted numbers and the caliber at which the Gators offense and defense performed through the first quarter, Coach Bosco strategically substituted his second stringers into the game and they didn’t disappoint, particularly on defense with rookies defensive tackle Anders Tracey getting his first career qb sack and cornerback Moey Musawi picking up a clutch interception.

Offensively, the Gators were able to run and pass effectively, with running backs Freddy Prince, Marco Soriano, Tommy Benson and Hamish Holland all picking up big yards on the ground with several scores amongst them and quarterbacks Brad Leech and Peter Tos able to gain good yards through the air including two touchdowns to wide receivers Justin Fatu-Leota (5 yards) and Thomas Granger (30 yards).

After missing the first 3 games of the season, starting running back, Freddy Prince has already made an impact, rushing for 134 yards against the Rebels, and is pleased with the team nature of the Gators play, “This new group is the most talented I’ve been associated with but I also believe it helps with the good veterans, play-makers & coaching staff we have on both sides of the ball.  Most definitely you need a good team to win this league not just good individuals and I believe we have the best team in the league.”

UTS vs Rebels

LB Marcos Delana takes an interception to the house

Defensively, the Gators stuffed the Rebels, barely allowing any first-downs and keeping them off of the scoreboard completely. With so many stellar performances, including linebacker Marcos Delana running back an interception 16 yards for a touchdown in the fourth quarter, defensive end Tim Clulow and linebacker Andrew Asher forcing the Rebels punter into a safety for 2 points, several interceptions and fumble recoveries and huge yards rushing by Freddy Prince including a 42 yard scamper from the right sideline, cutting back to left sideline then back to the right, following great down-field blocking, it was certainly difficult for the coaching staff to choose an MVP but the honour went to rookie cornerback Tristan Ireland for his lock-down coverage and a tremendously athletic diving interception.

Ireland commented on what it’s like to be a rookie on this year’s team, “The transition [to the new sport] has been pretty smooth actually, due mostly in part to the support from the rest of the defense, namely the secondary. Those guys are constantly in my ear at training and games, instructing and guiding me through all the technical parts of the game, eliminating that heavy learning curve I’d normally face. All the information and technique is laid out by coach Piscioneri and the boys, it’s just a matter of taking that tutelage and fulfilling it.”


Rookie CB Tristan Ireland

Ireland is also impressed with the defense as a unit and is excited for the future, “I think the D-Line up front has been strong. From game 1 against the [Wollongong] Mustangs, those boys have been strong. They’re dogs. They get to the QB, plain and simple. In the recent weeks, the secondary have really started clicking. It’s an area of the field that requires a lot of cohesion, and we’ve really developed that rapport recently, just through time spent with each other. We’re at the point now where we’re playing really tight, and providing a lot of coverage pressure on their offensive line, allowing the dogs up front to get that bone, haha.
With Achilles [FS/LB Jamie McGrory] back on the field, and playing alongside Erhron [Noakes] at safety, I think the best is yet to come. Those boys are leaders, and make it easy to perform well next to, as rookies. I’m not big on stats, but on numbers alone, we’re the strongest defense in the league, and we’ve barely hit our potential. I really can’t wait to face the [Sutherland] Seahawks, who are putting up some big scoring numbers, and shutting them down through all 11 positions.”

Head Coach Bosco, reflected on the season so far, “At the mid-point of the season, it is nice to be sitting on top. Our defense has certainly played up to expectations and is full of menace. Our rookies have been making plays on both sides of the ball and our veterans are running around enjoying football again. There’s a lot of spirit in the squad and that is translating into willingness to work hard for each other.”

Never satisfied with anything less than perfection, Bosco takes a realistic look ahead, “Beating the Pirates [in week 3] was an obvious highlight of the season thus far but we’ll need to make significant improvements to match that result when we play them again in the post-season. We have many challenges ahead of us in what remains of the season. [Our next few games] we face an improving Predators, a resurgent Seahawks, the hard-fighting Sharks, the potentially explosive Raiders and the powerhouse Lions. Our defense will need to maintain its dominance and our sometimes sputtering offense will need to find a combination of consistency and rhythm to maintain our top spot.”

Next week sees the UTS Gators get a much needed rest with a scheduled bye, followed by a league bye for the holiday long weekend.

The Gators next face the 3-2 Northwestern Predators on Saturday, October 11th at 5 Sports in Caringbah at 7:00 pm. Come show your support and cheer your Gators on to victory.

Statistical Leaders (Game)

Player Comp/Att Yards TD INT
Brad Leech 8/15 148 2 (30, 5) 1
Peter Tos 1/3 34
Player Rushes Yards TD (yards) 2-point
Freddy Prince 15 134 2 (3, 7) 3
Tommy Benson 9 68 1 (6) 1
Hamish Holland 7 37 1 (6) 1
Marco Soriano 6 25 1
Justin Fatu-Leota 3 13 1 (7)
Will Newnham 1 Fumble Recovery 39
Player Receptions Yards TD (yards)
Thomas Granger 3 91 1 (30)
Justin Fatu-Leota 2 39 1 (5)
Jim Close 2 11
Player Tackles (For Loss) Other
Marcos Delana 7 (3) 1 INT returned 14 yards for TD
Andrew Asher 5 (4) Fumble Forced and Recovered
Hamish Holland 4
Erhron Noakes 3 (1) Fumble Forced and Recovered
Matthew Power 2 (2) 2 blocked passes
Gabriel Marambio 2 (1) Forced Fumble, Sack
Anders Tracey 1 (1) Sack
Hugh Delaney 1 (1) Sack

2014 Season Preview – UTS Lady Gators


With the 2014 Gridiron NSW Women’s season set to kickoff in a short 2 weeks, the UTS Lady Gators have been training hard in hopes of improving on their 3rd place finish last season. Preseason started in early June with plenty of new players coming down to try out the latest women’s sport. With only a handful of players returning from 2013, it has been a busy preseason with the whole team starting back at the basics and building on that. New players have come from a lot of different sports including soccer, basketball, rugby league and union as well as players who have watched the game on TV, have relatives who play in the men’s team or heard about it through friends.

Joana Malolo

Joana Malolo
2013 UTS Lady Gators “Player’s Player”

Head Coach, Tiffany Bosco is excited to see how the team goes this season. “With the loss of some big players from last year, we will be looking to build on our rookies coming through. It will be a season of learning as we go and improving every week. We have a bunch of new rookies who will be a huge asset to the team and the players returning from last year will be able to help push them along.” Missing out on the Opal Bowl (championship game) last year because of a game being rained-out and unable to be rescheduled, left the Lady Gators with a bitter taste in their mouth and they are looking to even the score this year and leave no doubt that they should be at the top.

Returning player, Joana Malolo, voted 2013 UTS Women’s player’s player, had this to say about this year’s team, “The 2014 UTS female gridiron team have heart, determination, resilience and the ability to laugh about our mistakes and to strive for perfection.”

Taking a look at each positional group:

Quarterbacks: With one returning QB from last year and a rookie stepping up, this season will see both QBs sharing the load. Both QBs offer great skills in different areas and will be utilized for their strengths.

Running Backs: A lot of rookies means we will have quite a bit of depth in the RB position.

Receivers: This is the position where a lot of the players are returning from last season. Their experience will help when tough catches need to be made.

Offensive and Defensive Line: Another position with players returning from last year as well as some impressive rookies. Strong offensive line means there will be big gaps for the RBs and good protection for the QBs.

Linebackers: Rookies with speed. Having lost our linebackers from 2013, it will be a big learning curve for the rookies who will have to step up.

Defensive Backs: A good mix of returning players and rookies in the defensive backfield this season. They will need to learn from each other the get the job done.

Levini Tuipulotu 2013

Levini Tuipulotu makes a tough tackle in 2013

Levini Tuipulotu, a player returning from last year, excited for the 2014 season, had this to say, “It’s been a very long preseason. Finally, the season is almost here. I can’t wait til the season kicks off and I get to play alongside our rookies.” Levini was one of 8 UTS players who represented NSW in the inaugural NSW Coyotes team that played in the National Women’s Gridiron Tournament held earlier this year and competed against QLD and ACT.

One of the rookies, Rebecca Baldin, has been watching gridiron in NSW for years and finally decided to try it out for herself. “I’m super excited for the season to start. The team has been working really hard in the preseason and we’re ready to play football!” She also had this to say regarding being a first year player, “The team and coaches have been really welcoming and it’s been really fun learning a new sport.” Baldin will be a huge contributor on both sides of the ball, playing both quarterback and linebacker.

The Lady Gators begin their campaign against the Bondi Lady Raiders on Friday 10th October, 2014 at 7:00pm at the hockey fields on Brittania Street, Pennant Hills.

Come on down and support your UTS Lady Gators in their run to the 2014 Opal Bowl.

For more information on UTS Women’s Gridiron, go to the Women’s page or email

Game 4 – vs. Ducks at 5Sports


Week 4 saw UTS matched up against the winless Nepean Ducks. In their first season of competition in Gridiron NSW, the Ducks have struggled to find their identity but despite lacking experienced talent at key positions on both sides of the ball, they have shown that they can play with heart and speed, so the Gators did not take this game lightly. After a sluggish start on offense, the Gators found themselves trailing 0-8 early but quickly snapped back and dominated the Ducks, cruising to a 50-8 victory.

Difficulties getting out of the gate led to an early interception thrown by veteran quarterback Peter Tos, which was returned by the Ducks 44 yards for a touchdown. A successful 2-point conversion put UTS behind 0-8 early in the 1st quarter. Coach Bosco wasted no time in lighting a fire under his players and they responded impressively. The Gator offense put together solid drives, scoring touchdowns on each of their next three possessions and the UTS defense completely shut down the Ducks, not allowing a single first-down the entire first half.

Scoring drives of 48, 36 and 70 yards with Tos rushing 2 yards for a touchdown and passing for two more TDs to slot backs Matthew Schwarz (3 yards) and Clayton Idato (14 yards) along with two 2-point conversion runs by running back Marco Soriano, put the Gators ahead at half-time, 22-8 and in complete control of the game. Idato took a positive outlook in preparation for this week, “I think teams can get complacent coming off big wins going on to face what some see as “easier” opponents. I made the decision to approach the game with the same focus as every other. I was also conscious that the Ducks are a new team and the best way to show respect to a new opponent is to play as hard as you can. They seemed a good bunch of guys that will only get better.”


MVP Marcos Delana (Linebacker)

The Gator defense continued to confound the Duck offense in the second half, allowing only one first-down the entire game when a Nepean running back snuck outside and broke free for a 31 yard gain as time ran out in the 3rd quarter. The defense didn’t give up a single yard after that, meeting the Ducks ball-carriers in the backfield from there on out. Heading into this week, Defensive Coordinator, Antonio Piscioneri is pleased with how the defense is gelling together this year, “I’m definitely happy with our unity. Our defense looks out for each other and plays on the same page, so to speak. We don’t have players that just do their own thing, we all work together.”

Not to be outdone by his counterpart, UTS quarterback Brad Leech started the second half with a highlight-reel, 61 yard bomb to Thomas Granger for a touchdown on a free play after the Nepean defensive line jumped off-sides. Leech continued to lead the Gators to pay-dirt after corner back Jamie Weeks recovered a fumbled punt return on the Ducks 8 yard line. UTS capitalized on the great field position, sending newly returned running back, Freddy Prince, into the endzone on the very next play.

UTS engineered impressive scoring drives to close out the game, first with a 9 play, 65 yard drive capped off by a 14 yard pass into the endzone from Leech to Schwarz and then a 10 play, 69 yard drive with a 16 yard touchdown pass from Leech to Idato in the game’s dying seconds, for each receiver’s second touchdown of the game.

Matt Scwarz is excited about the Gators’ chances this year, “What separates this year’s Gators from previous Gator teams is self-belief as an overall playing group – which then lends itself to a better training and playing environment. There is a lot of positive chat whenever we are around each other without there being any arrogance or getting ahead of ourselves.”

Clayton Idato also has confidence that this year’s UTS squad can get the job done, “This is the year no doubt. This is the team. We have an incredible defense I just love watching, and a whole team of amazing guys that I want to do my best for every week. There is a great attitude in the team that I think really translates onto the field. I still think Sydney Uni is the team to beat but I think we’re up for the challenge. Plus, seeing Schwarz go off gets me excited!”

Come down and cheer on the Gators next Saturday night as they take on the Northern Sydney Rebels at 7:00pm in Kyeemagh (St. George).

Statistical Leaders (Game)

Player Comp/Att Yards TD INT
Brad Leech 11/19 199 3
Peter Tos 4/9 80 2 1
Player Rushes Yards TD (yards) 2-point
Marco Soriano 9 49 2
Freddy Prince 13 34 1 (8) 1
Justin Fatu-Leota 3 15
Peter Tos 5 22 1 (2)
Player Receptions Yards TD (yards)
Clayton Idato 4 86 2 (14, 16)
Matthew Schwarz 7 68 2 (3, 14)
Thomas Granger 1 61 1 (61)
Ben Loudon 1 54
Tushar Issar 1 9
Player Tackles (For Loss) Other
Marcos Delana 9 (2) 1 Forced Fumble
Gabriel Marambio 8 (2)
Tim Clulow 5 (2) Sack, Fumble Recovery
Ryan King 4 (2) 3 Sacks
Matthew Power 3 (1)
Jamie Weeks 1 Fumble Recovery

Game 3 – vs. Pirates at St. George


The UTS Gators knew that this week’s matchup against the undefeated West Sydney Pirates would prove to be a monster challenge and one that could solidify their place at the top of the ladder. “We win tonight and every team will be chasing us the rest of the season.” – Coach Rocco Bosco broke down the importance of the game to his players prior to kickoff.

The Pirates, coming off of their historic Round 2 victory over the Sydney University Lions, ending an 8 year, 99 game win-streak, looked to continue their own streak as the league leaders. The Pirates, however, ran into a stone wall as The Gators showed they are the cream of the crop, defeating West Sydney 13-6 in a game that lived up to expectations as a physical, high-intensity, close-fought contest.


UTS defense stops West Sydney on 4th down

West Sydney took the ball on their own 22 yard line following the opening kickoff from UTS and put together an impressive 11 play, 56 yard drive deep into UTS territory but were eventually stopped by the Gators tenacious defense on a 4th and 9 conversion attempt at the Gators 25 yard line.

Very few yards were gained by either team as the game became a very tough defensive struggle until West Sydney broke a screen pass open late in the first quarter for a 54 yard touchdown despite a fantastic effort by Andre Perko-Marshall, chasing the runner from the opposite sideline and bringing him down one yard into the endzone. The ensuing point-after kick was blocked by UTS defensive end Hugh Delaney and recovered by linebacker Andrew Asher, leaving the score 0-6.

Both defenses continued to hold tough and force four-and-outs. Midway through the second quarter, it was UTS’ turn to break a big play as quarterback Brad Leech found wide receiver Thomas Granger down the sideline for an 85 yard touchdown bomb, leveling the score at 6-6.

Nearing half-time, Leech and Granger teamed up again, this time to pin the Pirates deep in their own territory as Leech’s quick kick on 4th down was downed by Granger on the West Sydney 2 yard line. West Sydney, despite the very poor field position began marching the ball out with several first downs until a sack by defensive end Tim Clulow stalled the drive and sent both teams into half-time locked at 6-6.

On the Pirates’ first play from scrimmage in the second half, West Sydney’s running back suffered a devastating ankle injury and the resulting 1 hour and 45 minute ambulance delay left both teams struggling to stay warm and focused. Once play resumed, the game retained its hard-nosed feel with both defenses keeping the opposing offenses to very few positive yards.


Rookie Defensive Tackle Ryan King

Most of the second half was played in the West Sydney end of the field but UTS was unable to capitalize offensively on the good field position. With about 3 minutes remaining, UTS once again pinned West Sydney deep in their own territory after downing a punt on the Pirates 14 yard line. West Sydney called a pass play and UTS linebacker, Marcos Delana put a brutal hit on the Pirates quarterback, David Ward, in the back-field, jarring the football loose for a sack. Rookie defensive tackle, Ryan King pounced on the ball in the endzone for the go-ahead touchdown. Following Jamie Weeks’ successful point-after kick, UTS led West Sydney 13-6 nearing the 2-minute warning.

West Sydney’s next possession saw them move down the field with a long pass completion followed by a 14 yard touchdown run that was called back for a face-masking penalty. This put West Sydney at 1st and 25 on the UTS 29 yard line. A sack for a loss of 4 yards by defensive end Tim Clulow and stifling tackling by the rest of the UTS front seven forced the Pirates to turn the ball over on downs and give the ball back to our offense on the 26 yard line.

UTS moved the ball to midfield on the back of Marco Soriano before punting to the Pirates with less than a minute remaining. West Sydney took to the air in a last-ditch effort to tie the game. After 2 completions for first downs, time ran out leaving UTS to celebrate their victory and stamp their claim to the top spot in the league standings along with the Sutherland Seahawks and Northwestern Predators as the only other undefeated teams.

Statistical Leaders (Game)

Player Comp/Att Yards TD
Brad Leech 8/28 108 1 (85)
Player Rushes Yards TD (yards)
Marco Soriano 14 67
Justin Fatu-Leota 3 20
Player Receptions Yards TD (yards)
Thomas Granger 2 87 1 (85)
Clayton Idato 4 16
Player Tackles (For Loss) Other
Marcos Delana 10 (3) 1 Sack, 1 Forced Fumble
Jamie McGrory 8 (1)
Andrew Asher 8 (1) 1 Sack, 1 Fumble Recovery
Tim Clulow 7 (2) 3 Sacks, 1 Fumble Recovery
Gabriel Marambio 7 (1)
Ryan King 3 (1) 2 Fumbles Recovered, 1 for TD