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Gators Win Season Openers

All three UTS Gators teams have come away with wins in their respective season openers.

The Gators Division One team took to the field first against the Nepean Ducks and thanks to a solid effort by the defense, secured the win 32 – 0.

The Gators Colts were next, facing the Northwestern Panthers. The Gators out-muscled the Panthers to the tune of 26 points to zero.

And finally, the women Gators started their State Championship defense in strong form, downing the Northwestern Phoenix 26 – 16.

Be sure to rally behind the Gators Division One team as they take on the Northern Sydney Rebels next week at 11:00am, at The Square. The women and colts teams both have byes.

Gators Season Openers – September 5th, 2015

After a short but intense pre-season, the UTS Gators are ready to get their seasons started.

Next Saturday at David Philips Field, the Division One Gators will get things started as they take on the Nepean Ducks at 1:00pm followed by the Gator colts battling the Northwestern Predators at 4:00pm.

The UTS Gator women will begin their campaign to win back-to-back Opal Bowl Championships a week later on September 12th, 5:00pm at Robert Ziems Park, Corrimal (Wollongong) as they match up against the Northwestern Phoenix.

Be sure to get out and support your UTS Gators as they begin their 2015 Championship runs!

Division 1 Semi Final – Gators vs Lions at Caringbah

Under threatening skies, the UTS Gators looked to avenge their regular season loss to the Sydney University Lions. Opening the game, the Gator defense stepped up with high intensity, holding the Lions to just 3 yards total in their first 3 possessions until Sydney University broke a 17 yard run down to the Gator 20 yard line. The Gators stopped SU there and a missed field goal attempt on 4th down kept the score tied at 0-0 as the first quarter came to an end.

The Gator offense was unable to gain any traction either until nearly the end of the first half. UTS took possession on their own 16 yard line and with great pass protection by the offensive line, the Gators drove the ball 68 yards in 6 plays on the backs of their wide receivers, Nicolas Giovanangeli with a 14 yard completion from quarterback Brad Leech, then an 8 yard completion from Peter Tos to Matthew Schwarz and finally, as time was running out in the first half, a 47 yard bomb down the sideline from Tos to Lachlan Jenson who, after spinning to make the grab, lost his footing and fell just short of the endzone, sending both teams into halftime deadlocked at 0-0.

Tristan Ireland

Rookie CB Tristan Ireland

The second half initially continued in the same pattern of aggressive defense until SU’s tail back busted loose for a 33 yard touchdown run. The ensuing PAT attempt was good to put the Gators behind 0-7 as the third quarter came to a close. The Gators appeared a little shell-shocked on their next offensive possession and were quickly forced to punt on 4th down.  Sydney University took advantage of a tired UTS defense and put forth another solid drive, which fortunately for the Gators, ended with another missed field goal, following a touchdown-saving tackle by rookie cornerback Tristan Ireland and overall strong defense inside the redzone.

The Gators offense came out invigorated by the defensive stop and began moving the ball well but the 7 play, 40 yard drive stalled at the Lions 30 yard line as the Gators were unable to convert on 4th down, turning the ball over on downs.  More strong defense held the Lions to limited yards but a good punt put the Gators in poor field position at their own 6 yard line for their final shot at the endzone. On 1st down, a fumbled shotgun snap rolled into the Gators endzone before Leech could cover it, resulting in a safety for the Lions. With time running out, Sydney University recovered the onsides kick and ran out the clock to win the game 0-9 and end the Gators championship run.

UTS Gridiron Club would like to thank all of our fans, supporters, sideline staff and coaches for their tireless and selfless efforts, all of which helped to make this Division 1 season, one of the best in recent years.

Division 1 pre-season training is only 6 months away! We always welcome new players and supporters, so come join us next year as we strive for our first state championship!

Statistical Leaders (Game)

Player Comp/Att Yards TD (Yards) 2-PT INT
Peter Tos 5/9 64 2
Brad Leech 2/11 41 2
Player Rushes Yards TD (yards) 2-point
Freddie Khouiss 10 24
Marco Soriano 6 4
Brad Leech 3 4
Peter Tos 1 3
Player Receptions Yards TD (yards) 2-PT
Lachlan Jenson 4 77
Nicolas Giovanangeli 1 14
Matthew Schwarz 1 8
Jim Close 1 6
Kick Return:
Player Returns Yards
Mitchell Warters 2 26
Thomas Granger 1 12
Jamie Weeks 2 7
Player Tackles (For Loss) Other
Ryan King 15 (4)
Marcos Delana 7 (1)
Tristan Ireland 7 (1)
Andrew Asher 6 (2) Sack
Gabriel Marambio 6 (1)
Stephen Marshall 5
Erhron Noakes 5
Tim Clulow 3 (2)
Tristan Sugden 3 (1)
Nick Kondilios 2 (1) Sack
Hugh Delaney 1 (1) Sack
Matt Power 1 (1)
Jamie McGrory 1
Ben Loudon 1
Will Newnham 1
Freddie Khouiss 1

Game 12 – UTS vs Predators at St. George

The Gators final game of the regular season saw them face the 6-4 Northwestern Predators in a rematch of their round 7 encounter. The Gators dominated the Predators in their first meeting and once again, despite a very slow start on offense, the Gators eventually prevailed, cruising to a 28-6 victory. The Predators were in a must-win situation to have any chance of reaching the semi-finals and took the field fired-up, ready to play some physical football. Despite numerous cheap shots and dirty tactics by the Predators, the Gators still won the physical battle on both sides of the ball, ending Northwestern’s hopes for a playoff berth.

Vincent Mante

RB Vincent Mante voted MVP by Gator players

Still struggling to fill the position of running back due to injuries, this week the nod went to second year slotback, Vincent Mante, who, it turns out, is a natural. With little to no experience at the position, Mante still managed to rack up 105 yards on 31 carries, including 2 touchdowns and a 2-point conversion run. It also helped that the Gator offensive line was focused and determined to redeem themselves following last week’s loss to the Central Coast and they did just that. Giving Mante rests, the Gator linebackers each tried their hand at running back for short stints, all with success; Andrew Asher powered his way to 8 yards on 2 carries up the middle, as did Gabriel Marambio who also charged into the endzone untouched for a touchdown on one of his two 4 yard runs. Marcos Delana led the linebacker crew in rushing yards with 31 yards on 2 carries and a 16 yard touchdown run, leaving would-be tacklers wondering what just happened but Jamie McGrory holds the high average with 29 yards on a single carry that set up Mante’s second TD on the 2 yard line.

The Gator defense was outstanding, yet again, proving why they are atop the league’s power rankings with the fewest points allowed this season. UTS defenders routinely met Northwestern’s ball-carriers in the backfield and pressured the Predators quarterback all game long, forcing him to scramble and throw the ball away more often than not. Except for three big plays, which accounted for 119 of Northwestern’s 123 total offensive yards, the UTS defense stymied virtually everything the Predators attempted, by out-hitting, out-hustling and out-smarting them.

Next week sees the beginning of the Gridiron NSW playoffs, where the Gators will face the second ranked, 11-1 Sydney University Lions in what is sure to be another physically grinding game. It’s a do-or-die game and the Gators feel confident they can topple the mighty Lions. The second semi-final will see the Western Sydney Pirates try to defend their #1 ranking against the fourth ranked Sutherland Seahawks.

Come on down to 5 Sports, Caringbah to cheer your UTS Gators on to victory and a berth in Waratah Bowl XXXI!

Kickoff at 3:30 pm, Saturday, December 6th.

Statistical Leaders (Game)

Player Comp/Att Yards TD (Yards) 2-PT INT
Peter Tos 3/30 74 2
Player Rushes Yards TD (yards) 2-point
Vincent Mante 31 105 2 (3, 2) 1
Marcos Delana 2 31 1 (16)
Jamie McGrory 1 29
Nick Giovanangeli 4 17
Peter Tos 3 9
Gabriel Marambio 2 8 1 (4)
Andrew Asher 2 8
Player Receptions Yards TD (yards) 2-PT
Clayton Idato 6 32
Nicolas Giovanangeli 3 19
Ben Loudon 2 11
Jim Close 1 9
Marcos Delana 1 4
Kick Return:
Player Returns Yards
Marcos Delana 1 28
Player Tackles (For Loss) Other
Andrew Asher 10 (4) Sack
Jamie McGrory 5 (2) Fumble Recovery
Marcos Delana 4 (3) Sack
Nick Kondilios 4 (1) Fumble Recovery
Ryan King 3 (2) Sack, Forced Fumble
Gabriel Marambio 3 (1)
Matthew Power 2 (2)
Tristan (Cheese) Ireland 2
Ramy Bchai 2
Tim Clulow 1 (1) Blocked Punt
Erhron Noakes 1
Hugh Delaney 1
Tristan Sugden 1
Matt Wilson 1

Game 11 – UTS vs Sharks at Budgewoi

Traveling up the coast for the second straight week, the Gators certainly felt the sting of missing key players and not having the type of depth on the sideline they have become accustomed to this season. Still without any of their seasoned running backs, the Gators were unable to establish their running game, tallying a measly 6 yards total rushing, forcing the Gator offense to pass much more than they ordinarily would have. In past weeks, the running game has been strong enough to overcome multiple turnovers but tonight’s 5 total interceptions were simply too much and the Central Coast took advantage of the mistakes. Following their week 9 defeat to UTS, the Sharks came out looking for revenge and to prove they are a better team than their paltry 2-7 record would indicate. The Sharks were well-prepared with a good game-plan and despite moments of brilliance, the Gators simply did not quite have the goods tonight and fell to the energetic Sharks 14-34.

The Gators opening possession started out strong as interim running back Matthew Schwarz picked up 13 yards on the opening play, cruising through a massive hole created by the offensive line. Next, quarterback Peter Tos found wide receiver Ben Loudon for 12 yards, then wide receiver Thomas Granger for 9 more and it appeared as though the Gators could do wrong but just as quickly as it had started, the drive stalled and the Gators were forced to punt. In an uncharacteristic mistake, the punt-snap flew over the kicker’s head, rolled 15 yards and was scooped up by the Sharks and returned 23 yards for the game’s first touchdown, putting the Gators behind 0-6.

Following a blistering 47 yard kickoff return by Ben Loudon, Peter Tos put up a long ball to slotback Clayton Idato but just overthrew him by inches.  UTS was forced to punt again after two more unsuccessful plays and it was finally time for the Gator defense to show what they could do against the upstart Sharks. Holding the Sharks to negative 1 yard on their first possession, invigorated the UTS offense, and going back to the air, Tos, this time, found Idato on a streak route with a perfect pass in the bucket, allowing Idato to cruise into the endzone for a 55 yard touchdown, tying the game at 6-6.

The score remained tied as each team struggled on offense until the closing minutes of the first half when the Central Coast put together a jerky 12 play, 82 yard scoring drive, converting on 3 4th downs, with a 27 yard fake punt run and two 20 plus yard passes, one for the go-ahead touchdown, giving the Sharks a halftime lead of 6-12.

Coming out in the 2nd half, the Sharks bit the Gators with a 53 yard touchdown pass on their second play and then following a 3-and-out by the Gators, the Sharks drove 54 yards in 11 plays, once again, benefiting from serious mistakes by UTS.  A roughing the kicker penalty on 4th down kept their drive alive and a mix-up in coverage allowed the Sharks to complete a 6 yard pass on 4th down for the score, extending the deficit to 6-26.

The next four Gator possessions ended in interceptions, though the Sharks were only able to capitalize once for another touchdown when their defense returned the ball to the Gator 24 yard. An unnecessary roughness penalty against the Gators gave the Sharks even better field position, on the UTS 12 yard line, where they were able to run wide and just sneak into the endzone.

Ryan King

Rookie DT Ryan King

One bright spark in an otherwise dismal evening for the Gators, was the overall play by the Gator defense, in particular the front seven. Despite giving up a few medium to deep passes and getting fooled on the fake punt, the UTS defense regularly met the Central Coast ball carriers in the backfield and put pressure on their quarterback all game long. Rookie defensive tackle, Ryan King, just returning from injury, picked up a fumble and returned it 20 yards for a touchdown, late in the 4th quarter, flinging would-be tacklers from his path as if they were toys.

With the final score 14-34, the Sharks defeated the league-leading Gators in the upset of the season and dropped the Gators to 3rd place with a record of 9-2. With a guaranteed playoff berth, the Gators will be looking to find their early-season form this week as they battle the 6-4 Northwestern Predators in a rematch of their week 7 contest where the Gators prevailed 36-6. The Predators are in a must-win situation as they are locked in 3-way tie for the final playoff spot, so this should prove to be a very hard-fought game.

Come cheer your UTS Gators on to victory in their final regular-season game this Saturday night at Kyeemagh RSL.

Kickoff 7:00 pm.