UTS win over Seahawks

Saturday’s scores were UTS (28) vs Seahawks (12).

Next weekend the Gators go up against the Predators. UWS Hockey, with kickoff at 1pm.

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3 Responses to “UTS win over Seahawks”

  1. Snagg45 says:

    I know this may land me in hot water but, do we have any stats from our games? How about photo’s, do we have photo’s? I’ve been asking about both but never get a straight answer.

  2. Bren Barnes says:

    No hot water at all mate. Stats are posted on the Forum, not on the public site. Matty has got the first two game details up already.

    I’m processing the photos from my camera today, and will post the best ones on the site. I’ll get you a CD with print quality versions. For other people (non UTS club members), you’ll need to contact them directly about their pictures.