Stephen Irvine – Starts for Stockton Lightning

image001UTS kicker Stephen Irvine starts for Stockton Lightning in the game against division leaders Rio Grande Valley.

The Lightning shattered numerous team records in this match and went on to win 83 to 56.

Stephen successfully converted all 11 PAT attempts.

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3 Responses to “Stephen Irvine – Starts for Stockton Lightning”

  1. Helen Irvine says:

    Actually, he kicked 11 PATs, a Stockton record.

  2. Stephen Irvine says:

    Umm… I think it was 11/11! Who are you getting your stats from! ha ha Thanks anyway Matt.

  3. Bren Barnes says:

    Fixed it up for ya Steve. Cheers mate. I guess Matt was just being dodgy.