UTS Gridiron NRL 2009 Tipping Comp

It’s not long to go before the 2009 NRL season get underway (Friday 13th March).

So if you’re interested to get involved in the UTS NRL Tipping Comp for 2009 below are the details on how to go about it.

The cost to enter for the entire season (which includes the NRL Finals) is only $20.

The format will involve selecting the winners of the weekly games.

For that you receive:

  • 1 point for tipping the correct winning team
  • 2 points for tipping a draw
  • 3 bonus points for tipping the round

Changes from last years comp

Selections are due 5 minutes prior to kick off of each match, and if for some reason you miss submitting your tip you will receive zero points (0) for those games only.

I have also introduced a knockout comp. Where each tipper nominates one winning team that they think will win each week (Tippers cannot pick the same team in two consecutive weeks). If the team they select wins, they progress to the next week. If the team they select loses, they are knocked out. (NOTE: this will not knock them out of the overall tipping comp – it only affects the bonus knockout comp).

You as the tipper are responsible for submitting your tips through the Oztips website (Oztips send out reminders). Alternatively you can SMS me you tips (by the required cut off point) and I can update your tips for you being the Competition Manager. My Number in case you don’t have it is 0418 600 326.

The allocated list of Prize money

Overall Tipping Comp (Place getters)

  • 1st place = 55% of the overall prize pool
  • 2nd place = 20% of the overall prize pool
  • 3rd place = 10% of the overall prize pool

Winner of the Knockout Comp = 15% of the overall prize pool.

* Please note the percentages may vary in the event of shared place getters

To join the UTS Gridiron NRL 2008 Tipping Competition go to OzTips.com and follow the 6 simple steps below to register

Comp Name: UTS Gridiron NRL Tipping Comp 2009
Comp #: 154601
Comp Password: utsnrl2009

To join:

1) Go to oztips.com

2) Click the ‘REGISTER’ button on the homepage and set-up a Login (if you don’t already have one with OzTips).

3) Once you have successfully registered a Username and Password, click the ‘JOIN A COMP’ button.

4) Enter the Comp # and Comp Password details above.

5) Arrange Payment. Refer to the below Payment methods which can be made in a number of ways

Cash Payment
Payment in person

Please forward payments by cheque/money order made out to: UTS Gridiron Football Club and send to my home address:

Matt Steel
32 Rawson St,
Mascot NSW 2020


Account Name: UTS Gridiron Football Club
BSB: 06 2010
Account Number: 2800 6368

[Please put name in description box so we know it is you depositing the money] and let me know when you have deposited the money.

6) That’s it! Full instructions on how to Tip can be found on the website by clicking on the ‘Help’ link in the top header.

Please also forward this onto anyone who you may know that’s interested in joining a tipping comp. Remember the more people involved the bigger the prize pool.

Matt Steel
Tipping Comp Manager

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