Jamie Weeks in the Village Voice

Refer to attached article to find our latest pin up boy for UTS Gridiron.

This was advertised in the Village Voice which is a magazine that is distributed in and around the Canada Bay Council.

It’s also good to see our resident photographer Scott get a bit of acknowledgment as well.

You can also read the article online.

There are plans to do the same over the next few months and I have already earmarked one of our Colts kids (Dane Ferraro) who has recently been selected on the Junior Australian Team that will be heading over to the US in August this year I think.

I also don’t have allot of time on my hands to administer these sort of things so if there is anyone within the club who is looking to take on what will be a new role being the “Media Liaison Officer” to coordinate these sort of things and other ways of advertising the club then drop me a line.

The position would not be an executive position within the club; it would simply be a committee member.

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