Eastbay Christmas order

I will be organizing to place an order by the end of next week with Eastbay in time for Xmas.

If you are keen to get anything whether it is for yourself or perhaps for your partner then take a look over the website www.eastbay.com.

I don’t do this to make any money out of people I just happen to have an account with them, and it makes it cheaper for people to combine orders as we share the shipping charge by the amount of items that are purchased.

If all goes to plan then the order will be being placed 30th November. This would also mean that your money will be required at the same time as well. I won’t be waiting or people who haven’t paid for the stuff upfront.

So get back to me if you are keen to get anything by supplying me with the item & style number as well as your size that you require. Email president or call 0418 600 326.

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