Farewell and Thankyou

It has been a fantastic season for UTS Gridiron, but each season has it’s losses. Sadly, we have four major club contributors who are retiring after the 2006 Grand final season. Thank you all for your contributions over the years. You will be sorely missed.

Tom HesterTom Hester
Wide Receiver (LB, QB)
Tom is the most versatile player on UTS. During his many years with UTS, he has played every position and exceeded in them all. He even guided UTS to a week nine victory over the Mustangs as a temporary head coach. Tom’s contributions over the years have been vital to the team’s success, and he will be sorely missed by the club.

Noah ParkerNoah Parker
Offensive Guard (NT)
Noah played four years for the Michigan Wolverines in the US before moving down under and play for the Concord Jaguars in 2003. When the Jags folded in 2004, Noah came to the aid of a struggling UTS unit. He has been a running back’s dream – helping turn the 2-6 team he joined make the Grand Final in ’06. Noah was elected team captain and selected to play state in all three of his UTS seasons.

Lewis AstridgeLewis Astridge
Free Safety (QB)
Lewis was promoted to starting Quarterback in 2001. After leading UTS to their best record in 2002 with 17 combined TDs, he earned a nomination for league MVP. In 2005, he found a new niche at the Free Safety position, where he has reeled-in 8 interceptions. Lewis has twice been selected for the NSW Wolfpack in his seven seasons with the club.

Fred GaitauFred Gaitau
Defensive Lineman (LB)
Former Lions retiree Fred decided to give Gridiron one more season with a new club, UTS. Fred ignited sparks on the defensive front. He is best known this season for stuffing running backs for losses. He was one of the 2006 team leaders in tackles. He has been a blessing without a disguise.

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