Testing Day Winners

See below for the top results for the 2004 UTS Gridiron testing day. Congratulations to the following players:
2004 UTS Gridiron Testing Day Winners
Speed     Agility     Standing Long-Jump
1st     Marco Hermosura     4.75sec     1st     Simon Irrgang     4.87sec     1st     Marco Hermosura     275cm
2nd     Lewis Astridge     4.77sec     2nd     Marco Hermosura     4.98sec     2nd     Damien Moriarty     267cm
3rd     Keith Watkins     4.81sec     3rd     Lewis Astridge     4.99sec     3rd     Lewis Astridge     262cm
4th     Thierry Raveloson     4.83sec     4th     Marco Soriano     5.02sec     4th     Patrick Raveloson     258cm
5th     Matt Warren     4.84sec     5th     Patrick Raveloson     5.13sec     5th     Keith Watkins     256cm

All other results will be posted shortly. Check back regularly for updates.

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