UTS Gridiron Super Trivia Challenge report

On Thursday 13th May, UTS Gridiron played part in the Club Super Trivia Challenge, at the University Broadway Glasshouse Bar. Ten rounds were played out between 12 other UTS clubs. The UTS Gridiron boys (Matt Steel, Lewis Astridge, John Kritikos, Nigel Law, Gordon Chan, Matt Hunter and Simon Irrgang) got together and lead the trivia all the way from the 2nd-7th rounds. But UTS lost some places after the “on-going” answers were handed in, where you had to name all the Olympic & Winter Olympic venues in their respective years. Still – Gridiron finished 6th in the end. The trivia MVP undoubtedly going to John Kritikos, who stunned everyone (particularly a tipsy Matt Steel) with his general knowledge.

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