Welcome new UTS Head Coach, Paul Manera

Paul brings many years of experience, both as a coach and player. Paul is also the coach for the Australian representative team. He has been involved in Bondi Raiders football club as both a coach and player. And Paul has also had the exciting experience of playing Division 1 college football, for the University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors!

The following is an excerpt taken from the May 2001 UTS Gridiron team newsletter:

Coaches Corner

First of all I would like to welcome all of you back to another season of UTS Gridiron. As a newcomer to the club I am very excited to have this opportunity of being your Head Coach. Football is a game that is all about Teamwork; people working together to achieve a common goal. Although I have not had the chance to meet with you all individually I am sure that there are some common goals that we all share.

As a team we need to expose our common goals and take ownership of what we want to achieve. As your coach my goal is to help you to be the best that you want to be and create an environment that is both challenging and enjoyable. My philosophy as a coach is to “Work hard and have Fun”.

I believe that people can work hard and have fun. If your working hard and you love what you do then you will enjoy it. Anything and everything you do in life is a mindset that can only be created by you. Your mindset will determine your motivation, which will measure your desire. Before we start practicing on July 14th I would like all of you to ask your self three questions:

  1. Why am I playing or involved in Gridiron?
  2. Why am I doing it for UTS?
  3. What goals do I want to achieve?

It is important that we answer these questions honestly to ourselves. If we do this we then can create our individual purpose for being involved in this great game. I look forward to meeting all of you. If you have any questions my email address email coach.

Paul Manera, Head Coach

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