Club President Ross Hayes addresses the team

Welcome to football 2001! And welcome to the launch of the UTS Gridiron’s website.

With a new Head Coach, Executive and a thriving Colts team, we expect that this season will be an exciting and challenging one. Season 2001 will lay a solid foundation for the future of UTS Gridiron, both at Team & Club level. So come down and enjoy!!

I would like to welcome our new Head Coach, Paul Manera. Paul brings many years of experience, both as a coach and player. Paul is currently involved in coaching the NSW state team and is also the coach for the Australian representative team. He has been involved in Bondi Raiders football club as both a coach and player. And Paul has also had the exciting experience of playing Division 1 college football, for the University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors! And as one who has played under Paul for the NSW side, I can tell you he brings an exciting pace to training, as well as filling you with a passion for the game. But most importantly, Paul has a deep belief that a team is more than just about football. It is about friendships and camaraderie.

Returning to the club, as part of the Coaching staff, is Wayne Richardson. Young Wayne has had many years of experience coaching and playing, both for UTS and other clubs. His first experience with coaching was for UTS in 1996. In 1996 Wayne and his brother Colin were joint Defensive Coordinators. Then, in 1997 and 1998 Wayne was the Head Coach of the then UTS Eagles. I hope you will join me in welcoming Wayne back to UTS!

Two of our club members have been asked by the Executive to take charge of the social club. And what a wacky pair we have doing it! Both Martin (Crusty) Head and Nathan (ebay) Harris have been hard at work planning social events and putting together a social calendar (that will appear in the next newsletter). I’m sure all events will be great, and will go a long way towards strengthening ties within the club. So please show up to the first one, which will be at Fox Sports Central (see details on the next page). This will give you the opportunity to meet the new Coaching staff, and to catch up and have a drink with all of your teammates.

The UTS Colts team has had a fabulous season. While no games have been won, many a young talent has been discovered, and the spirit in the team is great. The players have learnt a great deal, under the guidance of a newly emerging coaching talent Dennis (Chilly) Caceres.

Dennis has molded many of the Colts in to fine young players. And having little or no Defensive experience, Dennis has turned them into a raging defensive machine that not only grinds experienced opposing offenses and coaches to a halt, but also does it with style! Way to go guys! The offense is also showing signs of firing. The offensive line is not only dominating defensive lines, but at times is blowing them off the line. First time QB, Lewis Astridge, is a cool customer, who shows strong leadership, a solid and accurate throwing arm and is learning the game at a rapid rate.

Your Executive is hard at work. We have been meeting on a fortnightly basis, and putting together a sound structure, with the purpose of ensuring that UTS Gridiron will be a successful team for many years to come. We see this year being one of our best, both on and off the field. Now lads, its up to you to come down, work hard and enjoy the fruits of our labour. I welcome you back to UTS Gridiron, and have a firm belief that with all of us working hard, that season 2001 will not only be our best season, but more importantly will be our most enjoyable. I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Anthony Maxwell (Club Secretary) for Ross Hayes (Club President)

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